Editing Services


Spelling, punctuation, and typos will be corrected.
(Best done after the manuscript  has been edited and is considered print-ready.
This is the last look to catch minor errors.)

Copy editing:

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, typos, subject-verb agreement,
word choice, sentence structure, and flow.

Content editing:    

A more in-depth, full edit of your book, including editing for timeline flow,
character development, plot development, effective dialogue, sentence structure, as
well as corrections to spelling, punctuation, and grammar.


(based on double-spaced page, 1” margins, 12 point Times New Roman font)

Content Edit - $3.00 per page
Copy Edit only - $2.
00 per page
Proofread only  - $1.25 per page


You have an idea for your story, but you're not quite certain which way it should go.
You've started to write, but now you find yourself at a crossroads. I can brainstorm
with you and provide objective suggestions based upon your original story line and
characters. Together, we can play out different scenarios for your basic plot. Sessions
can be scheduled for phone or in person (if you live locally).

Formatting Assistance:

Help with formatting your document for publication in e-book and trade paperback.

Editing is done electronically as a Microsoft Word document using the Track
Changes tools. Editing of a hard copy by hand may result in a slightly higher charge,
but can be done.

I am a multi-published, award-winning and bestselling author of more
than 30 novels and novellas. I have edited both fiction and non-fiction work.
A sample edit can be provided upon request.

Please contact me to discuss your project and for a quote.

                                                           * * *                                                       
Linda Rettstatt has done a great job editing work for me in the past ten years. Along with exceptional
skills around grammar and a conscientious and thorough commitment to good writing, she also brings a
background of knowing what the readers and publishers want, having more than twenty books
published herself. I would never hesitate to hire Linda in any editing job.
                                        Lynn Romaine, Author of Fiction and Non-Fiction

                                                            * * *

I have been the recipient of Linda Rettstatt’s skill in serving as a copy-editor, reader and formatter of
potential publications twice within the past four years. Her ability in formatting a script is outstanding,
much to the satisfaction of the writer and printer/publisher in question. Linda prepared documents for
final printing with exactitude and precision detecting the fine points crucial to the ultimate production of
a text. Her recommendations concerning readability and presentation of the document were key in
completing the concluding version of the text. Much to the satisfaction of the author, Linda’s
assessment of the material gave credibility to its final presentation. If I were to write further documents,
I would not hesitate in seeking out the expertise and professional competence of Linda Rettstatt whom I
consider a writer possessing skills and qualities necessary in copy-editing a prospective manuscript.
                                               Mary Ann Zrust, SLW
* * *

I wanted to give a big shout out to Linda Rettstatt, a multi-published author who now offers editorial
services. Since getting my rights reverted for Almost Magic, I've wanted to work towards getting it
back up for sale once more. Even though I loved the final story, I realized the editing could have been
a little tighter and I needed another set of eyes to go through the manuscript before deciding my next
step. Money can be a little tight, however, and I needed to find someone I trusted who could also
offer flexibility in regards to my budget and needs. Now that I've been going through her editorial
suggestions, I'm SO glad I did this. She found plenty to improve upon and I feel much more confident
in publishing the newly polished version of what may be my favorite (thus more personally coddled)
work to date. I can't recommend her services enough!
                                                                                         ~ Author, J.M. Kelley
* * *

Linda is essential. Like virus ware or a firewall. She makes sure that-- even after several rounds
with a separate editor-- your work is going out as cleanly and professionally as possible. She
has a great eye for detail and sentence structure. Her suggestions are on point. She is worth
every penny of her very reasonable fee. Unequivocally.  
                                                     ~  Kristi Rose, Romance Author

"I hired Linda Rettstatt to proofread and edit my first manuscript prior to submission. I'm a
retired journalist and found it a little difficult to transition to fiction, but Linda's guidance and
editing skills helped me immensely. I'm sure I will hire her again for my second book."
                                               ~ Robin Acton, Writer